Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Things That Made Me Happy Last Week

It's positivity time again! It's been another good week and these are the five things that made me happy!

1. Going to Bath to see my brother. 
I went to Bath on Tuesday with my mum and my gran to visit my brother who I haven't seen for a while. We had a lovely meal in the Pump Rooms, which is a really old building my Gran used to go dancing in as a young girl but now does lovely food and cream teas. And we had the most amazing coffee in a little indepent shop. You didn't need any sugar, it was that good! When I went to use the bathroom I heard the people who work there discussing how the PH of the water you use affects the taste of the coffee. Bath is great for little gems like that. We've had lots of meals out this week because I've had so many hospital appointments this week. Mum and I always have some nice food after just so the day isn't all about hospitals. 

2. Seeing the tall ships! 
In my city we have some lovely Victorian docks and every now and then a film company wants to do some filming there. We have a tall ships festival where some old Pirates of the Carribean style ships come in. This week they're filming some of Through The Looking Glass there and they've got the tall ships there at the same time as part of the set. We went down on Saturday to have a look as they were all set up for the filming, which started this Monday. It looks really impressive and we got to see the ships there with all the props set up around them: crates, barells and piles of rope, as well as some modifications to the old buildings to make them look older. Everyone's all excited about Johnny Depp because the press keep saying he's coming but as he plays the Mad Hatter I don't think he's going to be in any of the Victorian London scenes. But it's a big film so there will probably be some famous faces around. The press also reported that Tim Burton would be there but he's not directing this one. He's well known for never doing sequels to any of his films. But as a film studies student I'm interested in sets and things so I'm going to see if I can get down there when they're filming if I can but if I'm too tired at least I can say I saw all the sets. 

They used this boat in Pirates of The Carribean too but it has been burnt down and rebuilt since then! 

Sneaky picture on the set! 

3. Not being in hospital 
This should probably be on my reasons to be happy list every week! I would have prefered getting my pacemaker change done on Friday because then it would be all out of the way by now but at least I got to spend this weekend at home and have a nice end to a nice week rather than a scary operation. I don't really get nervous about things before they're happening. I'll be scared when I'm in the waiting room, about to go in, but I'm able to put it out of my mind and enjoy the weekend. So that's something to be happy about.

4. New clothes! 
My lovely mum treated me to some clothes from topshop after we had the bad news of my pacemaker having run out of battery. A lot of my clothes don't really fit too well anymore and because my belly is swollen some of my tops just don't look right anymore. So we picked up some leggings that fit nicely, some little summery jumpers and some desperately needed cropped vests so I can wear short tops without looking a bit strange with a long vest underneath. I struggle with bras because I feel like I can't breathe in them and my swollen liver becomes very sore if I wear anything remotely tight in that area so I wear vests a lot with any tops that aren't quite as modest as I'd like. I feel nice and pretty and comfortable in everything we got so I'm very happy. We used the points on my Raymond Blanc frequent diner card (I am aware how posh that makes me sound!) so as we got lunch for practically free we didn't feel guilty about a little clothing splurge. 

5. Chinese night
Yes, it's that time again. Once a month my Aunty and I got to my Gran's with Chinese takeaway and have a lovely feast followed by a long chill out on the sofa. I love Chinese food so it's a great little monthly treat. It's such a nice takeaway, nothing is too greasy and it tastes really good. It's a naughty treat but it's a good one! And having a nice evening with my Aunt and Grandparents is the icing on the Chinese cake!

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