Monday, 11 August 2014

Not Another Operation!

Well you can't say my life is dull! I had a routine pacing check today and out of the blue it turns out my pacemaker is extremely low on battery. It's been working on back up mode to conserve battery, which is probably why I've been having more palpitations than usual, which I had just put down to a combination of coffee and my medication. I had a blog post half-written about how tired I'd been recently and wondering why but I think we've solved that big mystery now. I actually wrote that it was like I just couldn't get going. Well no wonder with my pacemaker giving out lower voltage impulses! 

So it looks like I'll be in hospital in the next week or two having it changed. I've not had one done in adults before so it'll be the first time under local anesthetic but seeing as I react so badly to general anesthetic I'm actually quite glad of that. It can't be as bad as having my line fitted anyway. There was no way they gave me enough anesthetic for that one and I had no sedation or anything. I'll be making sure this one goes differently. I'm going to tell them every five seconds that my anatomy is back to front after my last surgeon didn't have a clue. Meanwhile the settings have been adjusted so it drains as little of the battery as possible. 

The annoying thing is I booked a holiday four days ago! Fingers crossed I'll still be able to go. Hoping for a nice early date for the operation so I'll be all healthy and not too sore for my holiday! 

Just my luck eh? I wouldn't have needed another pacemaker if it could just have lasted until my transplant! Well at least it should sort out this chronic tiredness I'm suffering with though I think I would have prefered it to be down to a simple vitamin deficiency but a big urgent problem is more my body's style!

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