Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Five Things That Made Me Happy Last Week

1. The Bake-Off
Yes the Great British Bake-Off has started! The baking competition is back and it's still good. TV has been pretty terrible recently and as I'm nearly always at home doing nothing, I need good TV entertainment. The Bake-Off is one of my favourite shows because it's easy watching and has that real feel good element. And we all need a bit of that in our lives.

2. Spending the week with James
My Mum and her husband went away for a few days so my boyfriend came to look after me. It was nice having the house to ourselves, doing some cooking and lounging around. We mostly rested as I was feeling so tired but it was a really lovely few days and we had some good fry-ups and a Chinese take-away. We went to TGI Friday's one night, an American themed restaurant I used to live as a child, and had a really good meal. BBQ ribs, onion rings and sweet potato fries! I'm not a big meat eater but it really was good and sweet potato is the best discovery in the history of vegetables. Can't get enough of the stuff! (Notice how all my happiness seems to revolve around food? Dieters hate me!) 

3. Knowing my mum had a nice break
My mum does a lot for me these days and it was really nice that she got to have a little holiday because summer just isn't the same if you haven't been anywhere. Before I started the Flolan we didn't think she'd be able to leave me but I'm really glad she got that break and had a lovely time. 

4. Discovering the private booths at my local cinema
I usually book my tickets on the booking machines because if you go to the desk in a wheelchair they sometimes give you a bay instead of a seat and I like a seat. I don't have anywhere to put my drink in my wheelchair! But I'd received some vouchers from cineworld after I complained that they're lift wasn't working and not being informed until after I'd used my Orange Wednesdays 2 tickets for 1 code to buy my tickets so even though I got a refund I couldn't use my code again and had to pay an extra £8 for my tickets! Anyway I had to go to the desk to use the code and they said would I like to use the access booth. Yes please! A private booth and a disabled toilet a couple of steps away, it was much more convinient and let's be honest it's pretty cool getting a private booth. 

It's not the closest seat to the screen but as long as it's not 3D I don't mind. Being on water tablets I really like the close toilet because otherwise I'd have to get whoever is with me to wheel me to the loo in the middle of the film. It's great to know it's there because I hadn't a clue. It's a brand new cinema but it might be worth checking with your local cinema if you struggle with the accessibility of the cinema.

5. Getting my fabric for my new pouch
After I forgot to turn my pump on a few weeks ago I decided I needed to make a pouch with a plastic window in so I can see whether my pump is on or not. This week I got the delivery of the fabric I ordered to make it with. I needed a nice thick fabric because the pump is quite heavy and I don't want it to just fall apart straight away. It's always a worry ordering online but I'm really pleased with it. You'll have to wait till I've finished it to see! 

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