Wednesday, 24 July 2013


I'm currently melting in the heat wave we're having in the uk at the moment. My lungs are definitely feeling the heat and humidity but generally I've been feeling really good. I feel like I have a lot of energy and I've been really busy making full use of it.

I recently got an article about my transplant experience in my local newspaper following National Transplant week. If you're interested in reading it you can find it online here,
I'm really happy to get something published, even if I did tell myself I wanted to get some stories out there before getting a career out of the fact that I'm ill. That just doesn't sit we'll with me, I want to be known for being a great writer not for being an ill writer. But I've got an insight above other writers my age so I suppose I should use it. It's a reason why I'll get published over someone else, and in the writing industry that's definitely something to use to your advantage. At least an autobiography is something to fall back on if I'm not getting anything published. 

I got my results back of my first year at uni and I managed a 2.1 in 3 modules but because I was ill quite a lot this year I missed one of the assessments so I've been busy writing an essay about my favourite authors and how they've influenced me that I unfortunately have to give in in hard copy at the uni so that's a little day trip for next week! And then when that's marked I'll get my result for the 4th module but I'm pretty confident I'll get a 2.1 for that as well because I got a first for the other assessment in the module so if have to flunk the essay pretty badly to not get a 2.1. So I'm really happy with my results seeing as I've been in and out of hospital a lot this year, had glandular fever and loads of chest pain. I'm hoping to get a few more firsts next year though. I feel like I have to get a first overall because my brother got a 2.1 so I've got to beat him! 

I've also been trying to start a story every week over the summer so I have lots of stories to work on when I'm back at uni because I've pretty much given in everything I've got for first year so I can't resubmit any of that. So I have to start a few more stories so I have a good bit of work to give in for my portfolios this year. I've also got an anthology of short stories for my short story module next year which I've been really enjoying. It's got short stories from all the famous writers in. I usually struggle to read things that I'm forced to read but I'm really enjoying this. It's got lots of advice for writers and stuff in which is really helpful and really inspires me to do some more writing. It's called 'Telling Stories' by Joyce Carol Oates if you're interested. 

I know I said the next post would be a part 2 of my life in operations but I've been really busy lately with all my other writing but I will get round to it, I promise!

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