Thursday, 25 July 2013

My inspirations

I'm doing a bit of a different blog post today. I felt like doing something nice and light as a nice change from all the transplant stuff and as I'm feeling really good at the moment, there's not much to say. So I'm going to do a post about my writing inspirations but they're also my life inspirations as well. I've done little notes of all my favourite quotes because I think that's a bit more visual and creative than a boring post of typed out quotes from various people.

I own a little notebook in which I write everything I read that inspires me, such as little quotes and poems that I really like and if I'm feeling down or I'm in hospital or something, I get it out and read through it. I find books really difficult to read when I'm ill or sleep deprived so a little book of quotes is a really good way of cheering myself up. So I hope this cheers you all up too. And hopefully you can read my writing.

Lovely little poem from Emily Dickinson, one of my favourite poets, is definitely one to read at times of crisis. 

I truly believe that everyone has a purpose on earth, everyone has something their meant to do and everything is connected. Everything happens for a reason. I guess some people would call that hope.

Virginia Woolf is a writer I feel I have a lot in common with, besides the whole mental illness thing. Though she's written a lot about her illness and I do tend to agree with a lot of her views. Her books are difficult to get through, I'm not going to lie, but they're worth the effort. I love this quote because I feel like I'm fighting death quite a lot in my life and this pretty much sums it up. Although I think when she says she will fling herself at death, she's actually talking about suicide but I like to think it's more about finding some bridge between accepting death and dying with a fight.

In my life it does seem as though I have to pay for a good day with a few bad ones. I don't like to think like that but I love this poem anyway. I particularly like the imagery of 'coffers heaped with tears.'

I think we have a certain amount of power over how we make our life. Even when it seems like a person has no control at all. It's like making the best of a bad situation. I like Milton's idea that we make our own heaven or our own hell. Paradise Lost is a classic that everyone should read, but I do advice investing in the York notes because it's not the easiest thing to read and understand. 

I really love this poem! I try not to think about dying because at the age of 20, it's something that should be as distant as the moon. But it's hard not to think, in that split second before the anaesthetic engulfs you, 'what if I don't ever wake up?' But I think this poem makes some sense out of the idea of death. It's hard to explain how this poem makes everything okay in my head. It gives me a brief glimpse of understanding and acceptance of death and I think if a writer can do that to a 20 year old who has been fighting death since the word go, he's probably one of the best writers you can find. 

Let's end on a note of dark humour. Because poetry doesn't always have to be heavy going and thought provoking. 

I hope you enjoyed my selection of favourite quotes and poems. Who doesn't like a nice inspirational quote eh? It's true, I'm a quote-a-holic!


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  2. Lovely selection of quotes and poems. It's such a nice idea so have short inspiration to read. So glad to find your blog. I am just discovering how congenital heart disease is effecting my life and it's nice to find other young women out there too.

    Wishing you wellness x

    1. I'm so pleased people with CHD are finding and reading my blog! Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It can be difficult when the realities of living with CHD sink in, if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them. If you click the pink envelope on the side bar you'll find my email. Best wishes for you're health x



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