Thursday, 30 May 2013

Preparing for hospital appointments

So, I have an emergency appointment tomorrow at the Bristol Heart Institute, to see my doctor about my chest pain. Which is pretty painful, if I'm honest. I've rated it a 9 out of 10, second only to a pulmonary embolism I had 4 years ago which was without a doubt the most painful thing I've ever experienced. I've had this pain for 2 weeks now, though it has not always been at a 9. The first time I had this pain, back in January, I rushed off to hospital, stayed over a week, caught a sickness bug and was still none the wiser on what the pain was. So this time I'm just going calmly to my doctor and see what he thinks.

I'm currently packing a little bag in case I end up staying over night. I don't think I'll have to stay in, but in case they find something majorly wrong, I'd like to have some entertainment and earplugs with me because hospitals are extremely boring and very noisey. I don't particularly want to be stuck there without any home comforts. 

So this is a small list of things I'm going to bring with me. These are essentials and I'd pack a lot more if I knew I was staying in. I'll probably do a proper "What I take to hospital" post next time I'm admitted, which probably won't be too long to wait.

So here's the list:
Drugs (which are not the kind of things hospital stock up with)
Leggings (nice and comfy for lying in bed, and to avoid contact with those horrible stiff, scratchy sheets they have)
A change of clothes
Phone and iPad charger
iPod (yes I am completely in love with Apple)
Paracetamol (naughty, but they act like it's a class A substance in hospitals, you ask a nurse for some and it never turns up!)
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Ear plugs
Sleep mask (because hospitals don't know that light switches go the other way, and that curtains probably should get fixed if all the hooks are broken)
Note book and pen
Spare headphones
Dry shampoo!

That's pretty much all I need to survive one night in hospital. That and food! Because I cannot stand hospital food at all. I eat as little as I possibly can and make all my visitors bring gifts of food!      

Hope this was interesting :)

Have a lovely day!

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