Tuesday, 4 November 2014

I've Been Sewing!

I actually made this a while ago but with everything that's been going on recently, I forgot to do a post about it. I mentioned that I wanted to make my own pouch for my chrono pump, which I have connected to my central line 24/7 and pumps my medication directly to my heart. Well I did finally get around to doing that and this is the result. 

I used an old plastic pencil case for the little window in the front. I came up with this idea after I forgot to switch my pump on one day. The pump is silent and once slipped into the pouch that comes with it, it's impossible to tell if it's working. So I thought a window would be really handy as I would be able to notice any problems straight away. I prefer to hand sew so the whole thing is handsewn. It's lined with the same blue flamingo fabric, which I bought online and is a thick upholstery fabric so it protects the pump quite well. 

I put in a pocket, the perfect size to slip my phone in but it turns out my phone interferes with the pump quite badly, causing it to shut down and meaning I have to rush home and make a new batch of medicine as the only way to get it working is to take out the battery and put it back in, which makes the pump reset and you can't carry on with the same infusion. So if you have the chrono PCA pump, keep your phone away from it! 

Just a quick post as I wanted to show you my hard work and if you get a glimpse of the pouch in my photos you'll know what it is now! 

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