Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hammersmith Hospital

It's strange being in London and not being anywhere near the hustle and bustle of the shopping centres and business buildings. Hammersmith is next to the prison Wormwood Scrubs and is slightly in the middle of nowhere. It's all residential and little corner shops, though admittedly not shops that I'd feel safe walking into. It's such a contrast to where I live in the country but when I'm in hospital I might as well be anywhere as all I can see from my window in a brick wall and metal structures and that's usually what I see from every hospital room I stay in. 

My admission yesterday was awful. Asked to get here at 9 we felt guilty for deciding to get some more sleep and arrive at 11 (although when we phoned them, they said that that was fine) and then they said they wouldn't have any beds till 2 and put us in a waiting room. We ended up going to the restaurant and having a bit of early lunch but I must admit I was feeling pretty abandoned and not cared about after the procedure has already been cancelled twice and this was the third date we'd had to come into the hospital. I don't function very well on lack of sleep and was desperate for my bed so I could lie down and rest. Well we got there eventually at 2.30 but by that time the hospital day is pretty much over so I was feeling pretty annoyed that we'd come in and wasted a whole day. 

Things did start picking up though and my specialist nurse came for a long visit to explain everything about the line. It being the second time it was cancelled she wanted to admit me because the doctors are much more likely to do something if I'm in hospital rather than at home. Not the best reason to spend two weeks in hospital but I'm so desperate to get this line in and over with that I don't care how long I have to stay here as long as they do it. Unfortunately I've had a chest infection and I'm on antibiotics so they're being a bit hesitant to do anything while there's any infection so we're waiting for blood results to come back to see when I'll get the line fitted. Meanwhile they're going to teach me how to make up the medicine, set up the pump and care for the line once it's in so at least I'm not sat here doing nothing. 

The good news is because this is a university hospital I can sign into the wifi with my student login from my university and it works really well. I've got Netflix, iPlayer, 4oD and even an app which means I can watch live tv so boredom shouldn't be too much of a problem. In other news the food is much better here than usual hospital food. I had a curry tonight which was pretty tasty. I thought the chicken looked a bit dry so I just had the sauce and the rice. For a hospital to successfully produce a curry is pretty unusual. The food at my Bristol hospital is terrible and Papworth isn't much better. We also got some meal vouchers for the hospital restaurant in case I don't like the hospital food or I just fancy something different because they really can't have me missing meals. The restaurant is really good too and that'll save us a lot of money because I'll probably get quite a lot of food from the restaurant just because it's always going to be nicer than the stuff we get on the ward.

I've been trying to mix up my meds today so I know how to do it but I ended up with the drug all over my bed so that was a great start. But I'm here to learn and I've got plenty of time to practise before I have to be able to do it properly. I'll be doing it twice a day eventually so I'll get used to it. 

Looks like I'm going to be here for a while and in view of the good wifi I hope to be getting some blog posts up over this week. I'm all settled in as you can see:

Thanks for reading! 


  1. OMG what ward are you on Sara?! I'm coming in tomorrow I should be on ward A9 :D xoxo

  2. Omg I'm in A9 too! Will be seeing you today then! :D x x

    1. Yay!!! I should be getting there about 11 :D xoxo



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