Friday, 14 February 2014


Long time no speak! I know I've been a bit quiet recently but I've been so busy I haven't had much free time. But on the plus side, this should be a nice long post as there's lots to fill you in on.

Firstly, my chest pain really hit it's peak last week so I'd been battling with that for a while before realising that it was further down towards my diagram than it usually is and that my upper abdomen was tender to touch and swollen. So I went off to a&e last week and spent the day there. They did lots of tests but couldn't find anything wrong. But eventually they got hold of my specialist who said it was probably pain from the liver. The liver is encased in what's called a liver capsule, and it has lots of nerves in it, so what my doctor thought was happening was that the high pressures in my heart or lungs were pushing on the liver and that's what was causing the pain. He gave me a water tablet to get rid of excess fluid, and that seems to have helped a lot and I can manage the pain well with morphine. The only time it really gets near as painful as it was is when I'm bending over my laptop for long periods of time. Which isn't very useful at the moment as I have a ton of work to do for university, and has obviously made writing blog posts a bit difficult too.

I've had three essays and one presentation to do this month so I've been working like a house elf trying to get those done. I managed to get an extension for one of them so as with chest pain and tiredness I just couldn't manage all three of them. I managed to finish two film studies essays though which are marked as part of a portfolio with the presentation. I got really excited when I found out we only had two assignments for film studies but the sneaky lecturers put three assessments into one! Some real pain went into doing those as leaning over a laptop and loads of film theory books all week has had it's effect on my chest. But anyway, I've done all that now. All ready for a special Birthday week, which you will hear more about later. *wink, wink*

The day after I got rid of my chest lucky little me decided to throw up another pain. I had a serious amount of women's problems, which hasn't been fun. But I managed to get some medication to calm it all down ready for my birthday adventures, which requires me to be a bit more active and a bit further away from the bathroom than I'd usually be. There's been a good few times I've been curled up in a duvet crying "why me?" this week. Seriously why does everything happen to me? It feels like life hasn't given me a break recently. Well it better be planning to be giving me a break this week or I'll have something to say about it!

I'll leave you on the happy note that I'm about to go out with my lovely boyfriend for Valentine's Day and then off for a lovely weekend watching all my old baby videos, which my mum had copied to DVD just in time for my 21st Birthday. And then I'm going to be having a rather special birthday week, a lovely birthday meal with my mum and my lovely grandparents and another lovely birthday meal with my dad and then probably a week in bed recovering! But it's going to be a brilliant week and I'm very excited!
Happy Valentine's Day!!

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