Friday, 27 December 2013

Happy Christmas!

Sorry I've been rather quiet over the Christmas period. I've been meditating, willing my body not to get ill this year and somehow I managed it! I've actually been so busy leading up to Christmas that a part of me is quite looking forward to the rest. As I think I mentioned I was going off to Swansea to see my boyfriends family as soon as my final assessment was done for university, which was the last of four due in within a week which was not pleasant at all! We pretty much just chilled out in Swansea, as we didn't want to be really busy and get myself ill for Christmas. Unfortunately James ended up with a cold for Christmas - who saw that coming?! 

Then as soon as I was back home I had a pacemaker check, which was much better than expected as the technician said that he'd be surprised if my pacemaker didn't last ten years which is awesome as I haven't had any of my pacemakers longer than 6 years and as this one is 6 years old now I was expecting for it to be needing to be changed pretty soon. So that's one worry off my mind because I heard they like to do it under local anaesthetic in adult hospitals and while I'd definitely prefer that to the terrible sickness I get with general anaesthetic, I'm pretty keen to delay my first experience of being awake during surgery, or surgery of any kind come to that! 

After that I was busy catching up with everyone I hadn't seen while I was working on my assessments at uni, including spending some quality time with my mum and enjoying the luxuries of home the biggest of which being the bath! Although obviously my mums cooking is probably the best thing about being home. 

I had a lovely Christmas and I was healthy!! Which is brilliant! I had a lovely Christmas Day with my mum and her side of the family and then I went to my dads on Boxing Day to see his side of the family. It was a good two days and I really enjoyed myself. I love Christmas so much and it's always nice to get together with the family. Even better when they come bearing gifts! I got so many lovely presents and I'm really grateful to all of family and my boyfriend for buying me such lovely things! I got a lovely bag from my mum that's covered in ring pulls from cans, it looks really cool and the proceeds go to good causes. I got the headphones I asked for, a Kurt Geiger bracelet I asked for, a lovely necklace that was a complete surprise and an awesome feather quill from my boyfriend, a little make up bag from my mum that has the exact same pattern on that our family sofa had when I was little, lots of nice warm things like gloves, socks, slippers and woolly tights, the usual ton weight of chocolate and fudge and lots of lovely smelly stuff for the bath and shower and some lush goodies! (On that note: How good does Lush's snow fairy smell? Blimey I've heard people go on about it but boy does it smell good, it's like cotton candy heaven!) And I've got a topshop gift card to enjoy spending in the new year as well which is nice as I don't have much disposable income for new clothes these days.

I had problems with my chest as usual over Christmas but nothing too bad, mostly just because of the lack of sleep from all the excitement! Definitely looking forward to a nice rest. I don't have any plans over the next week other than to relax so I'm going to enjoy that, spend some time with my mum and chill out catching up with all the Christmas television I missed while I was busy being sociable.

I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and was healthy too! 

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