Tuesday, 10 September 2013


So if you're in England you'll know that Strictly season has started! (In America you'll know it as Dancing with The Stars). And that means I'm even more obsessed with dancing than I am the rest of the year! As you may know if you've read my earlier posts, I used to be intent on a career in dancing. I've danced since I was four, I did GCSE dance and got a B in A Level dance as well doing ballet to intermediate foundation level at my dance school. I was also part of a contemporary dance group before I went to university to study dance. Even though I only managed two months of the course before I had my lung haemorrhage, I absolutely loved it and even though it didn't work out I still value the experience. 

I'm very glad also that I'm still able to enjoy watching dance. I could just as easily have never wanted to see another dance again. I can't deny however, that all I want to do after I've watched a good strictly show is get back in the dance studio but I usually feel okay once I've done a few pirouettes in the kitchen. I've been watching the US show Dance Moms quite a lot lately, it's a bit of a it's-so-bad-it's-good kind of show, but it just reminds me of dancing with my dance school when I was young. I'm glad Strictly is starting though because it's a thousand times better than Dance Moms which is edited and manufactured so that it's full of drama and I can't deny that it is a rubbish show. Anything to do with dance I love. I spend a lot of my time on YouTube looking at the Royal Ballet's channel where they put up some professional rehearsals from time to time and watching all sorts of weird and wonderful dances. I particularly love 'The Most Incredible Thing' which is a full length dance work with music from the pet shop boys. I'm really glad I can still enjoy dance without having to bust a lung getting up and dancing myself

I'm in denial that I can't dance anymore, though. I have a big box of leotards and ballet shoes, which I refuse to get rid of because some part of me is convinced that I'll dance again. I keep telling myself, well maybe I can teach one day, maybe I'll get better enough to do a bit of ballet. I was all set to get back to dancing as soon as soon as I recovered from my haemorrhage, even though I couldn't even get up the stairs in my house, but my doctors advised against it. But I'd love to start even a bit of ballet where I could focus on core strength and barre work rather than all the jumping around but while I'm at uni I haven't really got the energy and all the dance schools break for the summer. I will dance again one day though. I'm convinced of it. 

But for now, all hail Strictly Come Dancing! And curse the producers who decided there's going to be a three week break before the next show!

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